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About Strider Education Foundation

At the Strider Education Foundation, we believe learning to ride a bike builds the confidence that changes everything! Riding increases health and happiness, expands opportunities, and creates a can-do attitude for life. Our mission is to deliver superior balance bikes and a proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum to organizations that wish to teach young children, individuals with special needs, and the elderly how to ride.

Strider Education Foundation was created because we know that acquiring a bike can be difficult for some individuals and organizations. We want to provide bikes and the process of learning to ride to as many people as possible who don’t have the means to do so without support. By working with industry partners, we’re able to amplify our giving and increase our outreach.

The Strider Education Foundation was formed when Strider Sports International, Inc. came to understand that learning to ride a bike was out-of-reach for certain populations of children and adults. Through the development of a proven Learn-To-Ride curriculum and donations of superior balance bikes, Strider Sports International worked with organizations ranging from Special Olympics to public school districts to make riding safe, easy, fun and available to everyone. The magnitude of this need, coupled with requests from others for a mechanism by which they, too, could contribute, led to the creation of the Strider Education Foundation.