We believe learning to ride a bike builds the confidence that changes everything! The opportunity to ride should be available to everyone, regardless of their physical, mental, or financial abilities. The Strider Education Foundation exists because of generous donors who support this belief and are passionate about the process of giving bikes to anyone and everyone who can benefit from learning to ride.

Learning to ride should be safe and easy. The Strider Learn-To-Ride curriculum has proven not only to be a successful way to teach young children, individuals with special needs, and the elderly how to ride, but it also increases confidence, social skills, independence and creates a can-do attitude for life. We deliver this effective curriculum with every bike donation.

"We were told early on that David would not be able to play like other children."

From the time David could walk and talk he had the passion for riding, always wanting to “go fast” on his dad’s motorcycle. However, being born with Down syndrome, learning to ride a bike posed a challenge.

Soon after David learned to ride on a Strider, he moved to a pedal bike. On his eighth birthday, David was given his first motorcycle and his passion for riding continues to this day!

We have done our research and know that a Strider Balance Bike is without a doubt, the best way to teach a person how to ride and balance on two wheels. Genuine Strider Balance Bikes are designed specifically to help individuals learn balance and coordination before pedaling. The no-pedal design and low frame height allow riders to have both feet on the ground and simply walk with the bike. These features allow people of all abilities to learn to balance and propel the bike in a natural way, instilling confidence and bike handling skills in the process. We take pride in delivering the most superior balance bike and a proven riding curriculum as our donation. This combination enables individuals and organizations to reap the life changing experience and benefits riding a bike has to offer.



Monetary donations go directly towards purchasing balance bikes. This is what makes the Strider Education Foundation so unique. With strong backing from Strider Sports International, nearly all the overhead burden is covered. Because of Strider Sports International’s overwhelming success at teaching the skills needed for everyone to reach their maximum riding potential, the Strider Education Foundation distributes only Genuine Strider Bikes and the Strider Learn-To-Ride curriculum. Donors can have confidence that their money will go directly to getting bikes into the hands of organizations that teach riding. Strider Education Foundation has witnessed firsthand the lifechanging effect of providing the proper bike and a proven method to learn to ride. We are so excited to have you join us on the journey of changing many, many more lives with riding.

Who We Are

  • We deliver Genuine Strider Balance Bikes to children and individuals with mental, physical, or financial need through organizations committed to teaching them how to ride.
  • We provide organizations eligible to receive Strider Balance Bikes a Learn-To-Ride Curriculum to help develop riders of all abilities in an organized setting.
  • Backed by Strider Sports International, maker of Genuine Strider Balance Bikes
  • A 501(c)(3) registered in South Dakota

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